Our Programs

Homework: Students are required to spend 45-60 minutes on homework, four times a week.

Tutoring: Tutoring will be given to those students who need extra assistance with their studies. We usually pair an older student with a younger student. This encourages positive dialogue and self-esteem between both students.

Mentoring: The Director will identify certain students who can benefit from mentoring. This mentoring can be done face to face or on a secured website. Training will be given to the mentors to assure success.

J.A.: Junior Achievement, our partnership between the business community, educators and volunteers. Working together to inspire young people to dream big and reach their potential. Our hands-on, programs teach the key concepts of work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy to elementary, middle and high school youth.

AAGL: ACHIEVE ACADEMIC GRADE LEVEL is an additional tutorial program targeted at youths performing below grade level. We will bring in additional staff members to assist with this program. Our goal is to achieve academic grade level for each youth.

TOFR: “Time Out For Reading” is a reading program designed to expand the vocabulary and reading comprehension of our youths. Each youth is required to read 30 minutes for days a week. We have designed reading corners to encourage youths to want to read. 

Vocabulary Challenge: Vocabulary challenge strives to encourage the youths to learn 5,000 new words in a school year. We will have site “spelling bee” contests for prizes and a grand “spelling bee” contest at the end of each school year. 

“Teen Life”: Teen Life is a program to capture teens on the property. They discuss issues that relate to them as well as receive job readiness skills, resume writing, mock interviews, and etc… The teens also visit local colleges, trade schools, and explore alternative educational options.

K.A.P.: KIDS AGAINST POLUTION is a worldwide environmental club for youths that focuses on the environment, clean water, air and environmental education for all youths worldwide. KAP youths travels the globe for conferences and dialogue with other youths on teen related topics.