Frequently Asked Questions: 

I. What is LITE HOUSE'? The LITE HOUSE program is a very special amenity available to the residents of participating apartment communities. Our unique free of charge recreational and educational after school program provides fun and supportive activities for children 5-18 years of age. The program works to emphasize each child's strengths by fostering positive self-esteem, building socialization skills and developing greater cultural awareness. At the core of LITE House's success is its academic foundation. The Educational Coordinator and trained staff work in conjunction with parents and each child's school to ensure personalized educational opportunities and enrichment. We are proud to offer a program that provides the parents in our community's peace of mind and gives our children a nurturing environment in which to spend each day after school.

2. What is the Vision of LITE HOUSE? The LITE Board of Director envisions a world where all children and adults have access to technology and support creating a foundation for character development, personal empowerment and civic responsibility. We cherish active, diverse, family-centered communities that reinforce strong values that build trust, promote enterprise and advance achievement. LITE HOUSE embraces a "hometown" approach to community where a "LITE" is always on at home. Respect, love and attention are regraded as essential ingredients in the creation of healthy, safe, and productive communities. LITE HOUSE communities strengthen families and cultivate individual capacity ti identify, create and maximize opportunity. LITE HOUSE centers serve as community access points for all residents and safe havens for youth. LITE HOUSE serves as a leader and beacon in the effort to cultivate safe, culturally enriched American communities. 

3. What is the Mission of LITE HOUSE? LITE HOUSE was established to create community enrichment centers that serves families by providing access to technology, academic support services and extracurricular activates that add to the quality of life for all community members. We believe that education is a critical factor in determining long-range life options. We also know that education does not begin and end with the school day. LITE HOUSE provides a safe, nurturing and inspirational environment dedicated to helping each child realize their potential. We currently provide homework assistance, recreational activities and mentoring. In an effort to expand services and support for families, we are working to create an exemplary after school enrichment program for youth. Our goal is to create programs that will help ensure that our youth excel academically, are exposed to arts, cultivate culture appreciation and enjoy an active outdoor experience. To this creative mix we will add personal enrichment programs for adults. 

4. What are the goals of LITE HOUSE? 

  • Establish LITE HOUSE after school centers in apartment communities across the United States to serve as safe heavens where youth are motivated to excel. 

  • Establish the highest standard for quality programs that generate qualitative and quantitative results. 

  • Brand "LITE HOUSE" as the quintessential community service program. 

  • Create a flagship reading program for elementary school children. 

  • Integrate technology, sports, arts, media and civic education for youth in an informal after school setting. 

  • Increase parental involvement in the lives of children. 

  • Create partnerships with schools, business and organizations to support children and families by providing mentoring, tutoring and other support. 

5. What type of program is LITE HOUSE? LITE HOUSE after school programs is located in a central location on each property. The program is free to youth residing within the apartment community. Students receive homework assistance, tutoring, and there is an opportunity to participate in a range of recreational and developmental activities. Each center has a trained adult director, creative supplies and reading materials. 

6. What type of programs does LITE HOUSE offer? 

HOMEWORK: Students are required to spend 45-60 minutes on homework four times a week. 

TUTORING: Tutoring will be given to those students who need extra assistance with their studies. We usually pair an older student with younger students. This encourages positives dialogue and self-esteem. 

Junior Achievement is a social club the elementary and middle school youth will take advantage of. They learn positive peer pressure and uplift their self-esteem through interactive activities. 

NCLB: NCLB is an additional tutorial program targeted at youth performing below grade level. We will bring in additional staff members to assist with this program. Our goal is to achieve academic grade level for each youth. 

"TIME OUT FOR READING: TOFR is a reading program designed to expand the vocabulary and reading comprehension of our youth. Each youth is required to read 30 minutes four days a week. We have designed reading zones to encourage youth to want to read. 

VOCABULARY CHALLENGE: Vocabulary challenges the youth to learn 5,000 new words in the school year. We will have site "spelling bee" contest for prizes and grand "spelling bee" contest at the end of each school year. 

"TEEN LIFE": Teen life is a program to capture teens on the property. They discuss issues that relate to them, as well as receive job readiness skills, resumes writing, mock interviews, etc. The teens also visit local colleges, trade schools, and alternative educational options. 

K.A.P.: Kids Against Pollution is a worldwide environmental club for youth that focuses on the environment, clean water and air, education for all youth worldwide. KAP travels the globe for conferences and dialogue with other youth on teen related topics. 

GED: General education programs to help adults achieve their goals for a high-school diploma. 

ESOL: English as a Second Language to help Spanish speaking individuals learn the English Language. 

7. Is LITE HOUSE equipped with computers? Every LITE HOUSE center is equipped with a state of the art technology center. These centers allow each student to learn at their own pace with the help of interactive educational programs. In addition some of or center offer graphic art and musical engineering that offers hands own experience. 

8. How many centers does LITE HOUSE manage? LITE HOUSE has over 50 centers in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, and Senegal Africa. We are projecting opening 100 plus centers by 2016. 

9. How many students/families does LITE HOUSE serve? LITE HOUSE serves over 3,500 students and 1,000 families. 

10. How many employees does LITE HOUSE have? LITE HOUSE has over 80 employees. 

11. Does LITE HOUSE do a background check on all employees? LITE HOUSE does a full background check and Drug Screen on all employees. 

12. What are LITE HOUSE hours of operation? LITE HOUSE is open Monday through Friday from 2:00 PM. - 6:00 PM. during the school year. During the summer months LITE HOUSE offers a summer camp program. The hours of operation are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The Corporate Office of LITE HOUSE is open Monday through Friday from 9:00a.m. — 5:00p.m. 

13. How long has LITE HOUSE been in operation? LITE HOUSE started in 2001; the company became non-profit in the fall of 2004. 

14. How is LITE HOUSE supported? LITE HOUSE is supported by direct billing of property management companies, donations, grants, and fundraising.